Johannes Brahms Konservatorium Hamburg


State certified courses of studies are:

  • Music pedagogics ( Musik Pädagogik - MP)
  • Artistic examination (Künstlerische Reife - KR)

With the program of study focussing on:

  • Instrument (MP – KR)*
  • Vocal (MP - KR)*
  • Opera chorus (KR)
  • Elementary  music pedagogics (primary music education / basic education)  (MP)
  • Theory/composition (MP – KR)
  • Conducting (MP-KR)

*) in the subject popular music (jazz, rock etc.) presently only artistic examination (KR) as post graduate studies

Beginning of studies:

  • Summer semester: 1st April
  • Winter semester:   1st October

Graduation and duration of studies: conservatory internal graduation examination for the following courses of studies:

Music pedagogics (MP):

  • Music pedagogics (8 semesters)
  • Music pedagogics as postgraduate study (6 semesters)

This study graduates with an examination for music teachers, self-employed or working at music schools, with a program of study focussing on instrument, singing, music theory or elementary music pedagogics (primary music education/basic education).

The study comprises an additional education for chorus conduction which also is useful for ensemble conducting of chamber orchestras, big bands or other instrumental groups.

In addition knowledge in popular music is a teaching subject, -as this is more and more being asked for by music pedagogues – with the minor subjects:

  • History of popular music under special consideration of jazz
  • harmony teaching and stylistic elements of popular music with focal
  • point jazz 
  • aural training Jazz                

For the purpose of better professional chances we furthermore offer a second graduation with the main focus on elementary music pedagogics (primary music education/basic education) which can be obtained free of charge.

Artistic examination (KR):

  • Artistic examination: (10 semesters)
  • Opera chorus: (6 semesters)
  • Artistic examination / postgraduate study: after completion of music studies graduation (4 semesters)
  • Concert examination: after successful graduation of artistic examination: (4 semesters)

The students are being professionally educated in music-artistic vocations (stage, orchestra etc.) with a main focus on an instrument, singing (also in the subject of popular music), opera, chorus, conducting and theory/composition.

For students from abroad who want to complete a full course (MP or KR), two preparatory semesters are necessary (does not concern postgraduate courses).

Application for entrance examination:

  • Summer semester till 15th March
  • Winter semester   till  15th September

in the Secretariat of the
Ebertallee 55
D-22607 Hamburg.

Entrance examination:

NEW: Audition now online possible. Please mail a recording from your playing or singing the beginning of two works / arias (instrumental or singing) of different epochs - maximal 10 minutes.

Presence audition in the main course. Demanded: a program of different epochs with a total duration of 10 minutes.

For the course of study elementary music pedagogics (primary music education/basic education) an audition in an instrumental or vocal accompanying course is demanded –maximal 10 minutes.

  • Auditon in the minor subject piano –maximal 10 minutes.
  • After registration at the conservatory before beginning of studies the knowledge of the student in music theory, aural training, music history and musical forms are being tested by verbal examination.
  • Not necessary for the entrance examination of artistic examination as postgraduate studies.

The following documents are to be submitted to the conservatory till 15th March or 15th September respectively at the latest:

For postgraduate study certified copy of graduation of music studies (possibly German translation). Confirmation of registration of the actual place of residence. Two pass port photos.
Applicants wanting a preparation for an entrance examination are being asked to sign up for a one-or two-semester preparatory course.

The preparatory course also serves to support the ongoing theory courses in the general and can also be used in parallel with the start of studies.

For any further questions please register for personal consultation.